Dan Bosshardt


Currently a Hillsboro, Oregon based saxophonist but I have lived in Minnesota, Massachusetts, Kobe (Japan), Rotterdam (Holland). 

I have a degree in woodwind performance from Berklee College of Music (Boston) and have studied with Joe Viola, Andre Lizotte, Rick Peckham, Herb Pomeroy, Bob Zung, Bob Brookmeyer, Ruben Haugen, Henri Bok, and Tom de Vette. 

During my "early adult years" on the East Coast, I had the pleasure of performing jazz and musical theater at amazing venues like Small’s and Birdland in New York City. I have performed with Aretha Franklin and Jerry Lewis. I enjoyed playing in bands with Mark Turner, Seamus Blake, Chris Cheek, Rudresh Mahanthappa, Andrew D'Angelo, Aaron Goldberg, Sten Hostfalt, Ratko Zjaca, Domagoy Ralasitz, Jasper Blom, Koen Lieckens, Fred Ho, Daniel Ian Smith, Jeff Hudgins, Phil Scarff, Allan Chase, Bob Pilkington, Frankie Rodriguez, Paquito Guzman...ah...

Now after a couple decades focused on teaching, I have done a "pandemic pivot" and reconnected with the joy of practice and performance. Enjoying the exciting projects with inspiring collaborators.

Music Teacher

Bachelor's Degree from Berklee, Master's Degree from St. Thomas (MN)

If you'd like to learn more about my teaching career, click here. For example, in 2010, I started the HSD Mariachi Una Voz student band and we received the 2019 Schnitzer Wonder Award.